Workshop On Open Source Systems for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


Milima Technologies Uganda is a leading firm in the ICT sector offering services in Network, Software and Web technologies. Milima Technologies Uganda equally prides in holding Capacity building events to equip ICT practitioners and new entrants into the ICT sector with reliable and necessary knowledge to transform their sectors. The Capacity building events are aimed at providing indepth knowledge and awareness of emerging technologies supported by power practical sessions to help participants sail through the knowledge space. 

This November, Milima Technologies brings to you a one day intensive training on Open Source Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

The training will tackle core solutions in the ICT, Administration and Finance.


Date & Venue

The Event will be held on the 19th November 2016 Starting at 9:00am

This will be taking place at The Innovation Village, Ntinda

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About This Course

Linux powers 94% of the world’s supercomputers, most of the servers powering the Internet, the
majority of financial trades worldwide and a billion Android devices. In short, Linux is everywhere. It
appears in many different architectures, from mainframes to server to desktop to mobile and on a
staggeringly wide variety of hardware.

Despite a lot of criticism, Linux and open source systems continue to trickle down into Government,
Education, non profit organizations and Business.

This course explores the various open source business tools and techniques commonly used by SMEs
to achieve their day-to-day work increasing scalability, productivity, and reducing cost of productivity.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:
A good working knowledge of SME business Processes.
Understand how Linux can contribute to Business growth.
Understand ways how Open Source software tools can be integrated in SMEs to increase
productivity, Knowledge Management and Saving Costs.
Look at Industry tested open source software tools for various SME business Process sections.
Have a deeper insight of practical application of a Smart, Agile & Visual collaboration tool MeisterTask.


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises(SMEs)
Basic understanding of SMEs and its various core business processes.
Commonly used productivity Software tools and their impact on Business.
Definition of Open source

Information Communications Technology

The Role of ICT as major bloodline for SMEs
Key ICT sections and respective Successful Industry tested Open source software tools.
Enterprise Cyber Security -Firewall
Inventory/ Procurement
Communication channels
Bandwidth Management and Monitoring
IT Help-desk and Support
Client/Server Operating Systems
Office Productivity Suites

Administration and Management

Key Administration and Management sections and respective Successful Industry tested Open source
software tools.
Collaboration tools (Case study Practical Session using one selected tool)
Human Resource
    -Attendance Management
    -Leave Management
    -Performance review


Key Finance sections and respective Successful Industry tested Open source software tools.
Finance ERP modules
   -Tax Management

Register to Attend Workshop

Participation Fee is UGX100,000 per participant. After submission of your details, you will be required to pay fee as a requirement for completion of your registration. You may use any of the methods below; Mobile Money: +256-781-294297 (include reason as your name)

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