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“There are two kinds of companies. Those that have been hacked, and those that have been hacked but don’t know it yet.” – Mike Rogers, Former Chairman House Intelligence Committee.

Today, Africa is at the onset of the digital age, the proliferation of information Communication and Technology (ICT) is taking the center stage stimulating growth in various sectors across the continent. The continent is presented with a rare opportunity to leapfrog traditional industrial stages of growth positively impacting business performance, productivity and economic development. However, this exponential growth comes with the digital age’s biggest pitfall – cyber attacks. A myriad of organizations still perceive cybersecurity as an issue for the IT guys or technology tools to handle, which is not sustainable. This is reflected in budget allocations as more than half of organisations spend less than $5000 annually on cybersecurity.

Connectivity through the internet has increased the threat landscape making it easier for cyber criminals to disrupt business as usual. Hackers exploit various loopholes especially human weakness in organisations to steal money and critical data, disrupt systems and jeopardize their reputation.
It is on that note that organizations should develop comprehensive cyber risk management programs with the right combination of people, technology, processes and policies across the organization to address the challenges highlighted above.

At Milima Technologies, we offer a holistic top-down training and culture change approach addressing the possible threats they are exposed to as well as how to best mitigate them.