CyFEST 2023

A Gloomy Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Over the past 15 years, the world has been experiencing the fourth industrial revolution characterized by the integration of technology into our daily lives, introduction of Internet of Things (IoT), emergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning among others. This is the era of cyber-physical fusion. However the advancements in technology have come along with modern age's greatest nightmare; Cyber Threats. Cyberthreats today rank among top 3 biggest risks for every business globally. The COVID-19 outbreak further fueled cyberattacks whilst businesses embraced digital channels as an alternative channel for service delivery. The number one biggest threat for economies is the looming skills shortage for cybersecurity professionals globally.

A 2022 study by ISC2 revealed that there is a global shortage of 3.4 million cybersecurity professionals, an increase of 26% f rom 2021's findings. In the same breath, Uganda today suffers a looming and increasing skills gap for cybersecurity professionals as reported by the 2019 Africa Cybersecurity Report. The biggest challenges that Uganda face are ethical, dependable and hands-on cybersecurity professionals.

CyFest 2023: A Cybersecurity Careers Expo

The CyFest Cybersecurity Careers Expo is designed to provide an engaging learning environment aimed at becoming a launchpad for many of the participants in the event. Through
the expo, students will get to interact with industry experts from various sectors both f rom public and private sector, they will also get to learn the foundational knowledge required for one to launch and excel in a cybersecurity career.